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Taekwondo Class

I am in Master Michael Edelson’s class.  He is part of American Taekwondo Academy and has a sixth degree black belt.  I am a high red belt.

I like to do sparring with other classmates every Thursday.  If I stop moving I get kicked in the head. I am really good at sparring because I get my classmates to the wall.

i like board breaking.  High red breaks the board with outer crescent kick and elbow strike.

My expert project on Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison
Image from Time Magazine

I’m working on my expert project on Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was a great inventor he had 1093 inventions. I want to be just like him.

did you know that Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb? He made the longer-lasting light bulb.  He chose the right filament and pulled a vacuum on the lightbulb.  He produced the wire and made the largest generator so the lightbulbs could light up New York City.

did you know he was a newspaper boy at age 13?  He sold both newspaper and candy on the train.   he even had a newspaper and publish stories about the Civil War.  He read books all the time.  He was a telegraph operator.

did you know he invented the movie projector and cement too ?